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EYEMERA has been reinventing the way people wear contact lens and is set in bringing you the latest innovation of engineering technology in contact lens designs. EYEMERA is continuously achieving outstanding results in Mold Production and Polymerization Methods lenses to create the most hydrated and beautiful lenses on the market today.

Our team of engineers has advanced to the latest semi-molding, high definition lathe-cut and precision edge designs technology available today. The state-of-the-art automated process in production provides the most sophisticated coating process to perfectly prevent from de-colorization, while adding strength and maximizing tear.

Cast Molding System

Cast molding system can produce lenses without the need to polish so get a high quality lenses at a lower cost than any other process.

HI-DEF Lathe Cutting

Lathe-cut lens are relatively easier to handle and has a better movement and centration compared with spin cast lens.

Plasma Coating

Plasma can remove pollutants on the lens surface. So, it provides cleaner vision for users and improves wetting property innovatively.

MAC System

Macromolecule Absorption Coloring is the latest Method that let coloring pigments be adsorbed safely on the polymerization process. So coloring pigments are not contacted with eye.

Natural Color Realization

Natural and rich design born with our high Quality dot system that can create natural eyes. You can get a natural color book that suits your needs.

Ultra Thin Design

Combining with our core technique Cast Molding Process, the texture created by our inhouse design team becomes thinner and smoother that can creates more comfortable fit.